WE'RE MOVING! (This Blog)

In a concerted effort to be more active with "The Blog" and thus the daily happenings of FFF that aren't strictly relayed through my instagram,  I'm doing what any normal person does when they want to make changes. 

I'm moving it and hoping that its relocation will give new life to this half dead relationship. 
So I bid you Adieu dear Blogspot as we let our website be the host.

Catch you on the FLIPSIDE.



Excited to be participating in Poppy's Catering + Events first ever pop up shop. 
February 14 
8 am- 4 pm.
We'll be there all day, drinking coffee and slinging flowers. Visit our online shop (www.foxfodderfarm.com/shop) to order in advance or just swing by day of to pick up something special. We'll have mixed bouquets as well as our limited edition Valentine's Day Rose candle available.


Guess What???

I suck at blogging.


Other things that are happening or have happened in no particular order:
-Shinola POP UP
-Fox Fodder Farmer's Market Round 2 ( JULY 13)
-Anna's first time visiting the Rodeo
-Harris is leaving for the summer
-I went to Cuba for a week.
-Momma Mary will be making Jam... for FFFarmer's Market Round 2.
-Vogue Met Gala Issue Mention
-Vogue June issue Mention ( and picture... what?!)
Thanks Elk Studios for the shot.

-We're moving Studios... just downstairs and in with PEARTREE. whoop whoop.
-I'm moving Apartments. THIS WEEKEND.
-Anna is still a babe... and full time FFF now.
-We're running out of fragrance... and soap.
-oh and weddings... lots of weddings.

My brain is half fried so this is my list to remind myself what I should probably blog about later... for now let's just refer to instagram...



The first EVER of what will hopefully be many more to come. We're super excited by the cast of characters we have lined up for this weekend. It's going to be rad so come visit us and say hi and get a donut. 

Donuts are like Green juice, just really good for you.