Yesterday, after making a tasty ramp frittata (yum) Noah and I jumped in the car and headed to the bronx to go to the New York Botanical Gardens.  It's so awesome there. Anyone who hasn't been or can't be bothered to make the trek is STUPID.
Brooklyn is good. But Bronx is great.
Better than Longwood... did I just say that?

The lilacs were blooming. And so were the tree peonies. Tree peonies as big as your face. I'm not joking. 
Cotton candy human head sized tree peonies. 

I love a peony. Don't get me wrong. But the Lilacs... the smell is like a drug. I spent a solid hour running from tree to shrub to tree smelling them and then running back to the one before getting high off the perfume. It was a lilac in the face, up the nose, straight to the vein, drugged up heaven. 

There's obviously other amazing things to gawk at around the NYBG...such as this Jade Vine. Insanity. I want one.



Its finally out. After so many months of anticipation and waiting, MAKER MAGAZINE has hit the shelves and I'm psyched to share these photos with you. I asked Joanna (, one of the forces behind the magazine and the creative director behind this shoot, if I could get a few images way back when but she had them under lockdown.

I hadn't even seen them.

Until now that is.

And I love them.

Thanks Maker.

Creative Direction & Make Up: Joanna Lily Wong
Photography: Pavel Voz
Hair: Charlie Taylor
Headwreaths: FFF


Studio Time

Im in my painting studio. Didn't know I painted, did you? Cliché! "I'm a florist and I like to make paintings." Vomit. But it's true. I do. And right now I'm in this cement box in Bushwick breathing in turpentine, painting for a minute, and then surfing the web for nothing. Because thats what happens here...half of the time is spent painting, the other half is spent staring blankly at the wall or my computer screen.  I've already had 3 diet pepsis because in bushwick I drink Pepsi and I'm contemplating another one. Just so I can take a stroll down the hall to the vending machine.
When the time comes I'll share some photos of these supposed paintings. Im participating in a group show in June... So I'll share them then.

Right now though, I'm going to share some top secret information. This morning I took a little trip down to New Jersey to see a man about some plants. Lo and behold Atlock Farm. There was a fire burning, classical music playing, Guinea Hens, and Ken... who may or may not be Amish.
It is pretty much Awesome.


Man, Oh Man, Oh Man

So Sorry.
I've been major M.I.A.
To all of you brides waiting on proposals, I swear they're coming.
And to those who have emailed me and haven't heard back yet, I promise I'll be responding soon.
And to those of you who kindly visit this blog every now and again, I have shit tons of stuff to post about.
However, I don't have time right now. I have to get a new phone. Mine was pick pocketed from my... well pocket in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport outside a Starbucks. And I'm so bummed about it.

For now some random pics of some random stuff that has been happening in the past couple months.

This is Jackson. And this is how he likes to wear flower crowns. 
He's my new creative consultant.