Stone Foxes & Flowers

Lucky me got a chance to work with the awesome ladies behind Stone Fox Bride, a boutique bridal showroom and consultant firm geared toward the downtown gal who's over Amsale and wants something new and unique to her taste. Molly Guy, the company's founder, has an eye for what's what and commissioned Lindsay Thornburg, Electric Feathers, Daryl K, and others to design one of a kind dresses for the bride-to-be. And yours truly was asked to design some one of a kind floral headpieces for their look book. Because not only is the Stone Fox bride naturally beautiful, fun, and care free, but she always has flowers in her hair...



A Shower for the Niff

My cousin is getting mawwied. Yes mawwied. You have to say it like the minister from The Princess Bride in order to get it right. I'm the MOH ( as they call it... except I dont know who they are and who actually says that. MOH? really?) and so a couple weeks ago, me and my momma, threw her a little shower in Rockland. Mom made cupcakes. I made flowers. And the limoncello made us all a bit buzzed... Even Granny.




Dinner with My Ladies

The other evening I had dinner with two of my dearest and oldest friends, Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, on my roof in Williamsburg. Lizzie wrote up an awesome recap in her own blog, A Fortune Found, with some beautiful images to boot.