Direct From Sweden

Curated by Christine... my new favorite plant loving, backpack stalking, flower picking, will ask to literally buy the shirt off your back (because she honestly loves your shirt) swedish correspondent. 



Spring Park in Stockholm

Thyme between the cracks

Studying Flowers

Poppies and Ruby Clouds

The Magic Mirror

Stolen city flowers


The Smile :)

When I first moved to New York, The Smile was my home away from home. I worked there. I hung out there. I basically lived there. In the beginning of the summer, I talked to the owners and dear friends, Matt and Carlos, about getting some greenery in the front and they said go. And so I "commissioned" (or rather said "please make these for me") my boyfriend to build some standard window boxes and I came up with a color palette and a selection of plants I knew would complement The Smile's homey atmosphere. Many months later the coleus, scented geranium, and licorice vine have literally outgrown my expectations to create a colorful jungle that is bursting  from the sills of the the restaurant's front windows. And while my mediocre photo skills don't do it justice, just believe me when I say... it looks pretty rad.

The Smile is located at 26 Bond St. in Manhattan.


desert and glass

A few of Lizzie's personal pics from the shoot last week. Her collection was inspired by the Kaufmann Desert Housedesigned by architect Richard Neutra in 1946 and located at the edge of the desert in Palm Springs, California. Read more about the collection and her inspiration at Lizzie Fortunato Jewels.

In addition to the floral headpiece that Lizzie and I collaborated on, I also contributed and designed these contained "Desert Scapes" (far left).The materials and composition are inspired by desert landscape surrounding the Kaufmann House. The glass box with its clean lines and sharp edges that contains as well as frames the desert scene is a nod to the home's architecture, a design itself intended to emphasize the connection with the desert landscape.
Richard Neutra's Kaufmann Desert House
Photo property of NYTimes


lfj + fff

Lizzie and I collaborated on a headpiece for her new collection and I made this piece for the lookbook. Its since wilted and died. But I like it more now, this way, perhaps than I did before.
Photos of the headpiece and some new projects coming soon....