The Smile :)

When I first moved to New York, The Smile was my home away from home. I worked there. I hung out there. I basically lived there. In the beginning of the summer, I talked to the owners and dear friends, Matt and Carlos, about getting some greenery in the front and they said go. And so I "commissioned" (or rather said "please make these for me") my boyfriend to build some standard window boxes and I came up with a color palette and a selection of plants I knew would complement The Smile's homey atmosphere. Many months later the coleus, scented geranium, and licorice vine have literally outgrown my expectations to create a colorful jungle that is bursting  from the sills of the the restaurant's front windows. And while my mediocre photo skills don't do it justice, just believe me when I say... it looks pretty rad.

The Smile is located at 26 Bond St. in Manhattan.

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