San Fran Flower Mart

Noah and I went to California last week. And in addition to all the awesome things we saw and did... visit LA for my first time ever, drive up the PCH, hike in Big Sur, and eat morning buns at Tartine... we also went to the San Fran Flower Mart. Its a Mart, not a Market. So get it right.

Did you know San Francisco had Flower Cowboys? I spotted this one lounging amongst some hydrangea. He's cooooooooooool.

This is my morning bun. Tartine Bakery people, Tartine.


Wedding Archives

A few images from a wedding I did this summer at the Green Building. It was my first solo venture into the wedding world. And if I do say so myself... it was quite perty. Simple. But perty.... Yeah perty.

Thanks to Kristen & Vincent for getting hitched and including me.
All photos property of Monika Broz


Stone Fox Bride Preview

Here's a quick little glimpse into the world of what will be Stone Fox Bride. Molly Guy, the company's founder and creative director, and Gabby D'Amico have been so wonderful to work with. They both have a beautiful vision for what this company will be and I feel so lucky to have been included in this project. As a small potatoes florist with a desire to just do awesome shit all the time, I could not have imagined a better bunch of ladies and creative minds to get mixed up with. Its time for fresh approach to the wedding world and we are here to give it to you.

New York brides, get ready and line up. The days of Amsale are over.

Custom veils available by Gabby D'Amico and yours truly.


Festive Fodder

 Dahlias are awesome. Really awesome. They're not only stupid pretty, they withstand the trauma I place on them every time I use them in a crown. I wish I could say I'm more of a gentler handler when it comes to flowers but the truth is I'm a bit rough. More often than not I find myself midway through a project, crowns and bouquets alike, with crushed blossoms scattered around the floor, cursing at myself for not being more careful. But for some reason, Dahlia's these days are not only letting me manipulate the sh*t out of them, they're lasting. These bright beauties were made for a photo shoot. That got postponed. And then postponed again. And so they spent more than the standard one night in the fridge sans water. But low and behold they survived! And stayed looking just as gorgeous as the day they bloomed into existence.