Festive Fodder

 Dahlias are awesome. Really awesome. They're not only stupid pretty, they withstand the trauma I place on them every time I use them in a crown. I wish I could say I'm more of a gentler handler when it comes to flowers but the truth is I'm a bit rough. More often than not I find myself midway through a project, crowns and bouquets alike, with crushed blossoms scattered around the floor, cursing at myself for not being more careful. But for some reason, Dahlia's these days are not only letting me manipulate the sh*t out of them, they're lasting. These bright beauties were made for a photo shoot. That got postponed. And then postponed again. And so they spent more than the standard one night in the fridge sans water. But low and behold they survived! And stayed looking just as gorgeous as the day they bloomed into existence.

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