Aesop: Citrus and Mint

Aesop Elizabeth Street, NYC
Fashion Night Out Installation: 09/06/2012


Le Paola Peu

A little while ago, when summer was still summer, I collaborated with Gabrielle D'Amico, the beautiful and talented designer of the veil line Le Paola Peu, to create unique and inspired floral veils.
 Here are just a few of the Le Paola Peu with FFF signature looks...


It's fashion week...Or was

And shit's been busy. 
Here's a peak at one of the many things that has been going on this week with FFF.

Floral Accessories by FFF
Today's the last day of it all for us, and it's been quite a whirlwind... Thank you in advance to all of you who have been helping me get through this week. 
It's been fun but it's been NUTS. 
And I need a nap.


John Prine and other musings

A couple months ago Noah surprised me with tickets to go see John Prine in concert. If you know anything about me, know that I love John Prine. The concert was last week in Boston ( yeah, Boston) and it  was awesome. I cried. Just a little bit. At the end. Just when he said "Thanks for coming. I'm John Prine." It was at that moment, the reality of what had just happened hit.
I was like " Holy Shit. I just saw John Prine."

Seriously, it's not a joke. I love John Prine.

Anyways onto floral things, last week Wilder Quarterly asked me to do a floral installation for an event they having for they're contributors. Celestine, the momma of the magazine, originally had sent me a picture of a messy flower mound and said " I want something like that".  We didn't really do a flower mound. Instead we made flower wallpaper.
It was still kind of messy though.

I'm into messy.