John Prine and other musings

A couple months ago Noah surprised me with tickets to go see John Prine in concert. If you know anything about me, know that I love John Prine. The concert was last week in Boston ( yeah, Boston) and it  was awesome. I cried. Just a little bit. At the end. Just when he said "Thanks for coming. I'm John Prine." It was at that moment, the reality of what had just happened hit.
I was like " Holy Shit. I just saw John Prine."

Seriously, it's not a joke. I love John Prine.

Anyways onto floral things, last week Wilder Quarterly asked me to do a floral installation for an event they having for they're contributors. Celestine, the momma of the magazine, originally had sent me a picture of a messy flower mound and said " I want something like that".  We didn't really do a flower mound. Instead we made flower wallpaper.
It was still kind of messy though.

I'm into messy.