Candela FW '12

Art Direction: Ro & Co
Photography: Tom Hines
Floral Installation & headpieces: FFF... heck yes.


It's raining, it's pouring, let there be neon

 I talk a lot about Stone Fox Bride. But there's reason. First off, those girls are badass. Have you been yet? It's open and nothing....I mean nothing even comes close to the beauty of that space. Second, they embrace all the weird tropical flowers I bring to them every Wednesday. 
Hot pink baby pineapples? Check. Ginger honey comb flower? Check. 
Fuzzy white bromeliad?
 Yes please.


On another note... ICONA POP

These girls are awesome and this night was rad...
Everyone should be a fan.

Thank you Milk for bringing them to Amerika and letting me hang out.

I dont know why the videos I try to post insist on being small.
I guess I'm not so secretly technologically challenged... hence the super simple layout of this blog.

Thank you readers for your understanding.

Photo via Milkmade


Back Stage Pass

From the CandeleNYC Presentation at Lincoln Center yesterday.... 
Yes that's right folks, Fashion Week is upon us. Fashion!!
And flowers are so hot right now.

I'm brain dead and cant think of anything to say about it. Except that there is more to come.... oh and that Candela makes some awesome boots that I've been eyeing.
oooh aaaaah.

I also need to get a proper camera and stop pretending that my phone takes good pictures. 
Let's face it, it doesn't really.