Guess What???

I suck at blogging.


Other things that are happening or have happened in no particular order:
-Shinola POP UP
-Fox Fodder Farmer's Market Round 2 ( JULY 13)
-Anna's first time visiting the Rodeo
-Harris is leaving for the summer
-I went to Cuba for a week.
-Momma Mary will be making Jam... for FFFarmer's Market Round 2.
-Vogue Met Gala Issue Mention
-Vogue June issue Mention ( and picture... what?!)
Thanks Elk Studios for the shot.

-We're moving Studios... just downstairs and in with PEARTREE. whoop whoop.
-I'm moving Apartments. THIS WEEKEND.
-Anna is still a babe... and full time FFF now.
-We're running out of fragrance... and soap.
-oh and weddings... lots of weddings.

My brain is half fried so this is my list to remind myself what I should probably blog about later... for now let's just refer to instagram...