Rhinebeck... and a Tage Vase

Flower arranging in the dark leads to good things I've decided.
Too bad I forgot my camera and my Camera phone is from 1985.


October weddings...

Right now, as I write this, one of my best friends is in labor. With a boy. A baby boy. I've claimed him as my new intern.
These photos are from a wedding last week at The Metropolitan Building. Taken by Chuck. He's our new in house photographer. Kid takes great pics and looks like he could be a Beatle. I've been calling him Chinese John Lennon behind his back.

And then there's these guys...


A last year wedding.

Some photos from a wedding we did LAST YEAR. It was a goody tho and I've been sitting on these pictures for a while... whoops.

Photos are by Madamoiselle Fiona