I Love LFJ

My dear dear friends since I was knee high ( honestly knee high) are the brains and brawn behind the amazing and beautiful jewelry line Lizzie Fortunato Jewels

A little back story:
 Lizzie has been making jewelry since we were about 12. After she gave up her dream of being a cartoonist, she got into beads and 6 years later her sister Kathryn, ever the business woman, is organizing trunk shows out of their dorm room at Duke, raking in them Tri Deltas' daddies' dollars.

Nearly 10 years after that my oldest best friends are kind of a big deal and continuously creating jaw dropping pieces and collections.

When I first moved to NYC, Lizzie gave me a job as production person in her mini sweatshop... uh studio. We spent hours sewing chain to chain, stringing beads, drinking bodega coffee, and talking about Friday Night Lights.
Best Job ever.
Once I started my own little biz, Lizzie let me practice my skills and hired me to do some prop/plant styling for their lookbooks. We collaborated on a headpiece (remember this shoot way back when) and I made cactus aquariums ( which makes no sense when you say it out loud, but thats what we called them) and then last season she asked me to make a wall of roses!
Who knows what's next.
Needless to say it's pretty awesome when you get to work with your best friends.

She (Lizzie) also has a blog which everyone should read regularly if they don't already. She about the daily musings of LFJ, things she finds inspiring or photos from their travels around the globe. The kid (both kids actually) has got good taste to say the least and so it's always a pleasure scrolling through the collection of images she curated for the daily blahblahblog.
And sometimes she features me
And all of our friends!



At the Farm

A little over a year ago, my dear friend Alissa and her (then) boyfriend Danny were in Delaware and thus the Farm for a visit and a little get away from the city. It was March. It was cold. I believe it rained the whole time. Danny said it was his most favorite place he'd ever been and that he wished everyone he loved could visit.
Fast forward 8 months: Alissa and Danny get engaged. 
Fast Forward 6 more months: They get married. In Delaware. On the Farm.
Fox Fodder Farm to be exact...

Um that's me with my Family.
And my Noah.

Not often are you gonna get a photo of me here so take note.... its only because I got my hair did by Sharif. Fancy like.
And cuz my family and boyfriend are just so goooooood looking.

Photos by Lizzy Sullivan

The End.



It's The Cream New York... Go get your tickets because FFF is gonna be there!!!

Eating all the free cake and drinking all the free cocktails.
Cake and Cocktails!
Cocktails and Cake!

I'm gonna go get me a popsicle.


Natural Fashion

I should be working... or running. Have I mentioned that I'm signed in to run the NYC Marathon? No I haven't. So I should be running or working, but I'm not. Instead, I'm looking through Hans Silvester's book, Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa. I bought it yesterday, finally after however many months of saying to myself "taylor, you gotta get that book".
In it, Silvester unveils the incredible body painting and elaborate decorations of the Surma and Mursi tribes of Omo, one of the wildest places in Africa bordering Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya. These photos are insane.

I love it.