At the Farm

A little over a year ago, my dear friend Alissa and her (then) boyfriend Danny were in Delaware and thus the Farm for a visit and a little get away from the city. It was March. It was cold. I believe it rained the whole time. Danny said it was his most favorite place he'd ever been and that he wished everyone he loved could visit.
Fast forward 8 months: Alissa and Danny get engaged. 
Fast Forward 6 more months: They get married. In Delaware. On the Farm.
Fox Fodder Farm to be exact...

Um that's me with my Family.
And my Noah.

Not often are you gonna get a photo of me here so take note.... its only because I got my hair did by Sharif. Fancy like.
And cuz my family and boyfriend are just so goooooood looking.

Photos by Lizzy Sullivan

The End.

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