Stockholm Calling

Taylor, you had me at Dear. And this is a short greeting to let you know I'm in. The lot (we call her lotten in Swedish) is coming along just fine. Wanda, my garden partner in crime and I have been busy bees thriving on close encounters with nature. Wanda found a massive toad who she named Einar, he now guards the lot. I had less success with mother n and got bitten/stung/seriously offended by something that tripled the size of my little finger. Aha! Three opposable thumbs! I thought to myself, hoping to turn into a superhuman. That did not work out.

Anyhow, I read today that you're always connected to the previous owner of the plot of land you cultivate. And it's true, I feel the stirrings of an old man and the longing of a good bbq.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, next perhaps featuring our lot-neighbour Pelle who looks like Freud.

Puss puss 


Whoop Whoop!

Dear Christine

I invited my friend Christine to be a guest poster from time to time, a swedish correspondent if you will. She lives in Stockholm and acquired a plot of land that is part of gardening community in the city ( next to a ski slope because they have those in the center of Stockholm obviously) to do whatever she wants with. The thing about these plots is that they're in hot demand...and people line up for like 15 years to get one. And due to some knowing of this person who knows that person who's the niece of the neighbor of this person kind of situation the girls have gotten their hands on one...

However as Christine herself put it, their's is a bit like the black sheep of the group because it's been neglected for so many years and the neighboring gardeners are apparently quite snobby about it "uuuhh look at my prize winning primroses and succulent strawberries" and ours is like "an old man used to drink and bbq here, got a problem with that??" 

The Plots. Ski slope to the left.

So Dear Christine,

This current post is not only to highlight how awesome I think you are, but to guilt you into contributing in case you aren't really up for it... I'm sending you the link to the post right now.

Puss Puss


Roadside Attractions

Is that a miniature pony??? I want one! I want five! This guy lives in Lancaster, Pa. I saw him a couple weeks ago while plant shopping with my consultant and plant advisor, Momma Mary. I'm pretty sure he could have fit in the Volvo and that he'd mighty happy in Brooklyn just chilling in my garden all day. I'd feed him carrots, cupcakes, and beer galore! My mother did not agree...
Any brides looking for a herd of mini ponies with flowers woven in their manes to escort you down the aisle or just be lawn art for an evening?
I can get 'em for you. I know a guy.

In other news this rain is doing wonders for my garden right now. I came home from Montauk Sunday to some seriously shriveled plants and I nearly had a heart attack. Especially because I had just done my major shop of the season and I was feeling pretty excited about this year's purchases.
This is where I shop.
 Another roadside attraction.
The sign reads: "Nift nifty, Kim plunged Fifty"
Fifty what?

And the volvo, end of day, packed to the gills.


Wedding Weekend Madness

Right now I'm sitting on Noah's sofa, eating ice cream out of the carton and watching reruns of Jamie Oliver at Home... and it's Monday around 3:15. Who does that? But I'm beat and this is the first day I've decided to take off and do nothing in weeks. On top of the budding business ( I kid!) I had 3 weddings this past weekend... in one day actually. I don't know if I should be sharing this but I am... 3 weddings, one Saturday, no sleep, minimal hair brushing, a lot of coffee, and a sixpack or two.

Things you should know about me if we're going to be friends, I really love beer. And ice cream. Ice cream and beer and flowers.
Back to the weekend. What was I thinking? Well I was thinking that I had two booked, one in the morning and one in the evening, which is doable. And then I was asked to do another one that I... well I couldn't turn down. It was in Montauk. At Ruschmeyer's. For the amazing and beautiful jewelry designer, Pamela Love. How could I ever say no? And thank god I didn't because she was goooorgeous. They all were.

In short, it's been a tense few weeks leading up. But everything went off without a hitch. All 3 were so different and all were beautiful... maybe my 3 favorite yet. A MASSIVE thank you to Veronica, Sarah, and Sophia for helping make it all happen. I could not have done it without you.

Photos coming soon...