Dear Christine

I invited my friend Christine to be a guest poster from time to time, a swedish correspondent if you will. She lives in Stockholm and acquired a plot of land that is part of gardening community in the city ( next to a ski slope because they have those in the center of Stockholm obviously) to do whatever she wants with. The thing about these plots is that they're in hot demand...and people line up for like 15 years to get one. And due to some knowing of this person who knows that person who's the niece of the neighbor of this person kind of situation the girls have gotten their hands on one...

However as Christine herself put it, their's is a bit like the black sheep of the group because it's been neglected for so many years and the neighboring gardeners are apparently quite snobby about it "uuuhh look at my prize winning primroses and succulent strawberries" and ours is like "an old man used to drink and bbq here, got a problem with that??" 

The Plots. Ski slope to the left.

So Dear Christine,

This current post is not only to highlight how awesome I think you are, but to guilt you into contributing in case you aren't really up for it... I'm sending you the link to the post right now.

Puss Puss

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  1. i hope that christine takes the bait! naturally i want to hear more about this old man bbq plot of land! HA!