Roadside Attractions

Is that a miniature pony??? I want one! I want five! This guy lives in Lancaster, Pa. I saw him a couple weeks ago while plant shopping with my consultant and plant advisor, Momma Mary. I'm pretty sure he could have fit in the Volvo and that he'd mighty happy in Brooklyn just chilling in my garden all day. I'd feed him carrots, cupcakes, and beer galore! My mother did not agree...
Any brides looking for a herd of mini ponies with flowers woven in their manes to escort you down the aisle or just be lawn art for an evening?
I can get 'em for you. I know a guy.

In other news this rain is doing wonders for my garden right now. I came home from Montauk Sunday to some seriously shriveled plants and I nearly had a heart attack. Especially because I had just done my major shop of the season and I was feeling pretty excited about this year's purchases.
This is where I shop.
 Another roadside attraction.
The sign reads: "Nift nifty, Kim plunged Fifty"
Fifty what?

And the volvo, end of day, packed to the gills.

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