Stone Fox Bride has finally launched its brand new site!
Since those first flowers and headpieces I contributed to the Stone Fox Bride look book earlier this summer, I've since had the pleasure of working with these girls now on a number of awesome projects and I'm psyched for what's to come... keep eyes out for  NYMAG's fall wedding issue. (wink)

So for all ya'll ladies gettin' hitched out there,  Molly Guy's Stone Fox Bride is a sun-drenched bridal sanctuary... its a dream. It's an escape. It makes getting married nothing but fun.


Gloriosa. In the beginning of the summer my dad generously gave me some of his precious Gloriosa (Gloriosa Superba) tubers, those gorgeous octopus like flowers native to South Africa. I brought mine back to Brooklyn, planted them in some sandy soil just like they like and waited.... and waited. And waited some more. Dad's had sprouted and the first curly leaf tendrils were already winding their way up. And still I had nothing. I subconsciously resigned and let them be. I even skipped town for awhile telling my plant-sitter to "not even worry about that box there".
But sure enough, after a little neglect and some serious heat waves (yeah... heat waves) I finally got mine...