Flower Crowns

Photographer, Mirabelle Marden, and baker extraordinaire, Arden Wohl, got together one weekend early this summer for a little picnic upstate. I made them some crowns to wear while frolicking in the buttercup fields and picking wild berries for Arden's delicious berry tart with crystal flowers (look for a little write up about their weekend and the recipe in Vogue's August issue)

Photography by Mirabelle Marden

Italy Baby

A few weeks ago, two of my very dear friends were getting married... to eachother... in Italy. So immediately Noah and I were like Vacation! We Spent 5 days in the southern tip of Sardinia on an even smaller island called San'Antioco where we stuffed our faces with the freshest seafood, sought out some of the most beautiful beaches, and jumped off rocks into the mediterranean.


The trusty smart.

The wedding was in Tuscany outside of Volterra (yes, you New Moon fans, Volterra). The bride and groom to be, Christel and Paolo, rented an enormous and gorgeous villa for their friends to stay in so we could all be together in the hills of Tuscany drinking rosé all day every day. 





You say tomato

 I know it's been a minute since the last post and there are many things to report, but right now I'd like to dedicate this time to my tomatoes that are beginning to ripen up... and the pretty pasta I made for dinner with them.

 Tomatoes, garlic, basil, BASTA.

Hey there, Manhattan.
View from my roof.


The Green Building

Gowanus has a Green Building. Where you can get married. Or put on a play. Or house a carousel. Carousel? Yeah Carousel. Why not?
A couple weeks ago they threw a little party for the future brides and grooms to be getting hitched in the converted warehouse. And I was asked to contribute some flora. So I did. And this is what it looked like.... A little bit like 1950's french riviera if you ask me.

Photography by Lev Kuperman