Stockholm Calling

Taylor, you had me at Dear. And this is a short greeting to let you know I'm in. The lot (we call her lotten in Swedish) is coming along just fine. Wanda, my garden partner in crime and I have been busy bees thriving on close encounters with nature. Wanda found a massive toad who she named Einar, he now guards the lot. I had less success with mother n and got bitten/stung/seriously offended by something that tripled the size of my little finger. Aha! Three opposable thumbs! I thought to myself, hoping to turn into a superhuman. That did not work out.

Anyhow, I read today that you're always connected to the previous owner of the plot of land you cultivate. And it's true, I feel the stirrings of an old man and the longing of a good bbq.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, next perhaps featuring our lot-neighbour Pelle who looks like Freud.

Puss puss 

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