Oh hey.

Shit's been busy lately... too busy. Sorry to those of you who fell victim to my sporadic and inconsistent  communication. I sincerely do apologize. And now that wedding season is winding down, the rest of you, dear readers are going to be bombarded. Because I have big plans for July. Oh yes. Big plans.

On another note: I know there is some sharing of what's been happening chez FFF that is needed, but I don't really feel like discussing what's been going on with me. I will. But not today. Today I want to introduce you to Sophia. Sophia helps me out from time to time with the flower stuff and happens to be quite a beautiful photographer. She's been kind enough to take pictures for me... because lets be honest, I ain't no photographer.  I was just perusing her tumblr and... I really love it.
Some of Sophia's photos....

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  1. I completely understand that sporadic timetable! I've only just got into a pattern.
    Lovely photos as well.