Studio Time

Im in my studio...my painting studio. Didn't know I painted, did you? Cliché! "I'm a florist and I like to make paintings." Vomit. But it's true. I do. And right now I'm in this cement box in Bushwick breathing in turpentine, painting for a minute, and then surfing the web for nothing. Because thats what happens here...half of the time is spent painting, the other half is spent staring blankly at the wall or my computer screen.  I've already had 3 diet pepsis because in bushwick I drink Pepsi and I'm contemplating another one. Just so I can take a stroll down the hall to the vending machine.
When the time comes I'll share some photos of these supposed paintings. Im participating in a group show in June... So I'll share them then.

Right now though, I'm going to share some top secret information. This morning I took a little trip down to New Jersey to see a man about some plants. Lo and behold Atlock Farm. There was a fire burning, classical music playing, Guinea Hens, and Ken... who may or may not be Amish.
It is pretty much Awesome.

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