Welcome to the Farm

It's beginning... I'm not quite sure how yet but something is happening.
I've been doing some planting and some pondering and thinking it might be nice to share my little hobby with a few people out there. Anyone interested?
So here's the deal:

Right now get your hands on some thyme, rosemary, mint, you name it planted in those nice vintage Mason jars you're always trying to steal from your grandmother....or maybe thats just me.
They smell awesome and are plant murderer proof.... well nearly. They will need a little love from you. ;)
Soon to be seen at the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg but you can get 'em now at:

King's County Salvage (103 Broadway, 11211 - b/w Berry St. and Bedford ave. in Williamsburg)

baby steps. baby Publish Poststeps.

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