It Rained, it poured...

And its still pouring...

However rewind to 8 am Sunday morning:

I was sitting in my car, sopping wet from the torrential downpour that was happening, staring at the empty lot that was the Brooklyn Flea. I have yet to buy one of those fancy smancy tents and pictured myself alone with all my jars shivering under the pathetic excuse of an umbrella I had in my car. But then I was told they had tents to rent for the unprepared people like me and the rain gave way for a minute and people started to shuffle out of their vans with their stuff. And so I followed with my stuff. And we all set up our stuff. And Noah found the gravy boat people and all was good. Soggy but good.

So it rained Sunday, my first flea market day, and that kept people away. But it was still fun. Its pretty awesome that from 8 am to 5 pm I get to play shopkeeper of my own pop up store of sorts. I kinda like it. Especially because I can make it look however I want and no one can tell me otherwise!


Sold some stuff. Ate some more stuff.

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