I've been Europe the past couple of weeks. 
Visiting people and their places.
London-> Paris-> Barcelona-> Paris
And while I'd like to (and will in due time) share a bit about each, I will dedicate this first post europe trip entry to Bornay.

Bornay is an awesome floral design studio in Barcelona that I had the pleasure of visiting. I've admired their work for awhile and was so psyched that they invited me to come hang out for an afternoon. Mi amiga, Zoe (who is rad. Thanks Zo), and I took a train to a little town outside Barcelona on the coast called Vilassar de Mar where we met up with Joan, Fatima, and Marta. We chatted about flowers, spray painting them (which I'm into these days), and the biz.
Their approach to flower arranging is really quite awesome. Its so creative and so unlike anything else I've gotten used to seeing...or even doing myself. Its modern but the opposite of the conventional approach to modern and I dig it.

Oh and they're all super nice.

Gracias. xo

Photos property of Bornay

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