WILDER Quarterly

I contributed a "how to" piece on String Gardens for Wilder Quarterly's second issue. If you don't know about Wilder, and you like anything plants... or even just eating plants, go get it. This current issue has articles by the awesome urban farmer, Annie Novak, of Eagle Street Farms in Brooklyn,Vegetarian Portland chef, Aaron Woo, and takes a peak inside the garden of famed horticulturalist Yvonne Savio in Los Angeles. 

So go get it. 

Or order it.  

If you don't feel like buying the whole issue, then you can also see the full how to make a string garden story and more photos on Inhabitat.
And I'll let you in a little secret..... they're suuuuper easy to do. 
Just a bit messy.

Photos taken by Rory Gunderson

Also please visit the urban pioneers behind this beautiful craft....
They're Dutch. 
And they're brilliant.

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