A Lotta Love for Electric Love

There have been many collaborations in the works over these past few months. One in particular has been with the beautiful and ever inspiring Electric Love. Best known for their amazing dreamcatchers (They really are amazing. Rihanna has one that is like 60 inches across. hello RIHANNA), Hitomi and Charlie are continuously expanding their vision for their company and their craft. We've been talking about ways to merge what they do with what I do...
and this is just one of the many things we have come up with.

A few more from Electric Love's personal gallery:

 This one we did together also... for Kabs

They are truly inspiring and I'm so excited that I get to work with them.
They're also really nice to just be around.
 Sometimes I wish they would adopt me...

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  1. These are really cool. They slightly resemble dream catchers http://www.foddercattle.com