Lake George, Sept. 29th 2013

I have so much to say about this wedding. And this weekend. And the couple. And the couple's family.  And Ted. And the collaboration with Confetti System. And the nightmare of a wedding planner. And the shot of whiskey that was taken at 10 am on the drive up because there was so much traffic on the BQE due to an overturned tractor trailer that we were 3 hours late getting there.
In short it was the BEST ever.
But I'll save the details for later.

Photos by Daniel Mcmahon
Not now nor ever a wedding photographer. 
Just a really good capture the perfect moment kind of guy.


  1. holy lord, that bridal bouquet is out of this world!!!

    so happy to have found your little corner of the world : )

  2. fully agree with erin, that bouquet is magic!