The oh so Lovely...Pamela Love

Early this Spring I met with the uber awesome and amazingly talented jewelry designer, Pamela Love, to talk about some flowers for her wedding. She knew what she wanted and what she wanted was fun. Purples and Yellows. Wildflowers. Flower Crowns. Free flowing. Nothing fancy. Nothing frilly. Nothing that screamed stuffy blush and white wedding and everything that screamed lets just have an awesome time because it's summer and we love each other and we're getting married! And so that's what we did. The wedding was in early May at Ruschmeyer's in Montauk. The 1950's camp turned hip Hamptons resort still maintains that campy feel and so it was the perfect place for an early summer, hippie, wildflower ,wildchild wedding.  Pam and Matt's friends contributed in nearly every aspect from sewing the chuppah cloth to designing her dress to making the cake. Oh my god the cake! Best looking cake I ever did see. Needless to say, it was a really great day.
Thanks so much Pam and Matthew for letting me be a part of it toooooo. 
Photo by Hannah Thomson for Vogue

All photos have been on heavy lockdown since the date, because VOGUE had to share them first....

Photo by Hannah Thomson for Vogue

Photo by Hannah Thomson for Vogue
My most perfect helper for the day (and many days before and many days after), my Noah.
Love you.

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Oh hey.

Shit's been busy lately... too busy. Sorry to those of you who fell victim to my sporadic and inconsistent  communication. I sincerely do apologize. And now that wedding season is winding down, the rest of you, dear readers are going to be bombarded. Because I have big plans for July. Oh yes. Big plans.

On another note: I know there is some sharing of what's been happening chez FFF that is needed, but I don't really feel like discussing what's been going on with me. I will. But not today. Today I want to introduce you to Sophia. Sophia helps me out from time to time with the flower stuff and happens to be quite a beautiful photographer. She's been kind enough to take pictures for me... because lets be honest, I ain't no photographer.  I was just perusing her tumblr and... I really love it.
Some of Sophia's photos....