Fashion Week here in NY came and went without me really noticing this season. We did a few things, not as much as last spring season, but a few. What am I saying, we were busy. I guess this time I wasn't staying up at night unable to sleep due to the anxiety of "how are we going to get all this done?" but it got done and done well... and that what matters right?

Here are a few snaps taken by Reuben of HONOR (We got to steal Reuben from Saipua for a day... thanks for lending him, Sarah. Thank you REUBEN!) I felt bad though because I'm sure Reuben wanted to watch the show and I was like "Our work is done. WE'RE LEAVING! You can see it on Style.com."

The inspiration for Honor this season was a wedding at a funeral feeling fairy forest. Right? A little confusing but hey, creatives. We worked with Aux Armes again who conceptualized the forest of exaggerated birch trees with eerily twinkly branches. As per usual, we were charged with the floral component. An hour before the show, the lovely Rachel comes over and says, "We love this but can you make it look more dead?" So lillies were crushed, delphineums were snapped, callas were just trampled on. And while it wasn't necessarily what we originally planned (far cry from blankets of wild clematis vine) it looked cool. And that's what's fun about this side of things, gotta be on your toes, ready to improvise with what you got, and ready to kill some shit.

A few shots from the interweb.

Reuben, dear, if you come down next year and help out I promise to let you stay and watch the shows and hang out backstage with Cara Delavigne.

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