Decade Diary enjoys a Fox Fodder Friday

Oh Bernadette, you are wonderful. I dream about living in a world full of your watercolor wildflowers...

I was introduced to watercolor illustrator Bernadette Pascua's work not too long ago by those jewelry making twin friends of mine, Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, when they gave me one of her illustrations for my birthday. They have this thing of knowing everyone who is awesome. Bernadette and I had the pleasure of finally meeting face to face and working together this fall when she illustrated and I florafied those same twins SS12 lookbook. Since then I've been secretly wanting to find a way to collaborate with her on something and then boom! xmas arrived and she invited me to guest star on her beautiful blog, Decade Diary.
I put together some FFF style festive flowers and a rosemary wreath for Bernadette to snap a few photos of. She loved them. I loved that she loved them. And her excitement over the silver Kochia was... well adorable. She was like " Ah! I cant wait to paint this!!" It was a blast and  I cant wait to do something together again. 

A couple of my favorite illustrations and images stolen from Decade Diary 

Everyone should visit Decade Diary and see what Ms. Pascua has in the works for this spring. I'm sure you'll love it. Because. She. Is. RAD. 
Thank you Bernadette!

All photos property of decade diary. If you repost, please give credit where due.

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