Pompon Amsterdam

I've never been to Amsterdam. I lived in Europe for 3 years, a not so long train ride away, and I never went. I managed to go to Florence 3 times... And I don't even like Florence. Except there was this one restaurant that made a gorgonzola and pear tortellini with shaved truffles that at the time made me want to kill myself it was so good. But that's another story.

Anyways to the point. Amsterdam. If I were to go today, I would visit this place. Pompon Bloemenwinkel (bloemenwinkel meaning flowershop... thank you babelfish) It's beautiful. Visit the website and watch the videos. Even though I have no idea what they're saying, I think I love them.

This guy. He is my favorite. WHEN I go to Amsterdam, I hope to hang out and ride bikes around with big bouquets in my bike basket like that one right there.
*All photos property of Pompon... i have not been there. Yet.

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