Ma Tumblr

I've been giving a lot of attention to the tumblr recently... which in reality means scrolling the interweb for whatever, screen shooting images I like, and reposting them. 
It's work. I swear? ok Maybe not.
But either way, I'm into the tumblr right now. Its not always of flower stuff. Although most of the time its related. Its a good reflection of what I'm attracted to aesthetically at a certain period. Back in September it was desert scenes. Right now everything is dark, saturated, and moody. I think because it's been so grey and rainy.
 Cold, but not that cold... mostly wet. 
But not even. 
I dont know. The weather is moody and its making me moody and thus the tumblr is moody.
Who knows next week, if the sun manages to come out for a second, I could be reposting unicorns and rainbows.

But I doubt it. See, the thing is, if you didn't already know...I'm not really a unicorns and rainbows kind of girl.

Emmy Lou Harris is always speckled throughout. Mostly because in my next life, I'd like to come back as Emmy Lou. And sing duets with John Prine.

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