Sous Style!

Let's talk about SOUS STYLE.
Its an awesome online magazine for the new generation of homemakers. Those of us mostly urban dwelling, trying to create gardens out of windowsills, secretly loving Martha Stewart, trying to cook indian food at home, restaurant obsessed, pining for our own green gardens kind of people who want a 3000 square foot home and lifestyle crammed into a realistic 600 square foot studio apartment.

If you didn't know, and maybe you do, I've been a contributor to the site for a little while now. I talk about flowers, and plants, and houseplants, and how to get more of all of it into your life.
Nothing too complicated or crazy.
Its meant to be easy and accessible ideas to help all of us make our lives and homes and little greener and a brighter.

This particular post was about Carnations. Because I LOVE CARNATIONS. I do. The colors that are around these days are amazing, like a floral acid trip.
And whats even more amazing, Carnations are cheap.
So why not give those cheap betties a chance?

Photos by Lianna Tarantin

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